《Software Engineering at Google》摘抄(18)

by kevin 7. 七月 2023 13:25 >

The compiler also doesn’t know anything about how to handle external dependencies, such as third-party JAR files in Java. Often the best we can do without a build system is to download the dependency from the internet, stick it in a lib folder on the hard drive, and configure the compiler to read libraries from that directory. Over time, it’s easy to forget what libraries we put in there, where they came from, and whether they’re still in use. And good luck keeping them up to date as the library maintainers release new versions.(编译器也不知道如何处理外部依赖关系,比如Java中的第三方JAR文件。通常,在没有构建系统的情况下,我们能做的最好的事情就是从网上下载依赖关系,把它放在硬盘上的lib文件夹里,并配置编译器从该目录中读取库。随着时间的推移,我们很容易忘记我们把哪些库放在那里,它们来自哪里,以及它们是否仍在使用。而且,当库的维护者发布新的版本时,要想让它们保持最新的状态,那就得靠运气了。)

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