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Instead, before you begin writing, you should (formally or informally) identify the audience(s) your documents need to satisfy. A design document might need to persuade decision makers. A tutorial might need to provide very explicit instructions to someone utterly unfamiliar with your codebase. An API might need to provide complete and accurate reference information for any users of that API, be they experts or novices. Always try to identify a primary audience and write to that audience.(相反,在你开始写作之前,你应该(正式地或非正式地)确定你的文件需要满足的受众。设计文档可能需要说服决策者。教程可能需要为完全不熟悉你的代码库的人提供非常明确的说明。API可能需要为该API的任何用户(无论是专家还是新手)提供完整准确的参考信息。始终尝试确定主要受众并为该受众写作。)

In some cases, different audiences require different writing styles, but in most cases, the trick is to write in a way that applies as broadly to your different audience groups as possible. Often, you will need to explain a complex topic to both an expert and a novice. Writing for the expert with domain knowledge may allow you to cut corners, but you’ll confuse the novice; conversely, explaining everything in detail to the novice will doubtless annoy the expert.(在某些情况下,不同的受众需要不同的写作风格,但在大多数情况下,技巧是以一种尽可能广泛地适用于不同受众群体的方式进行写作。通常,你需要同时向专家和新手解释一个复杂的主题。为有领域知识的专家写作方式可能会让你少走弯路,但你会让新手感到困惑;反之,向新手详细解释一切无疑会让专家感到厌烦。)

A good design document should cover the goals of the design, its implementation strategy, and propose key design decisions with an emphasis on their individual trade-offs. The best design documents suggest design goals and cover alternative designs, denoting their strong and weak points.(一个好的设计文档应该包括设计目标、实施策略,并提出关键的设计决策,重点放在它们各自的权衡上。最好的设计文档建议设计目标,涵盖替代设计,指出其优缺点。)

Importantly, if documentation is tied into the engineering workflow, it will often improve over time. Most documents at Google now implicitly go through an audience review because at some point, their audience will be using them, and hopefully letting you know when they aren’t working (via bugs or other forms of feedback).(重要的是,如果文档与工程工作流程联系在一起,它往往会随着时间的推移而改进。现在,谷歌的大多数文档都隐式地经过受众审查,因为在某个时候,他们的读者会使用这些文档,并希望在它们不起作用时(通过bug或其他形式的反馈)让你知道。)

To change the quality of engineering documentation, engineers—and the entire engineering organization—need to accept that they are both the problem and the solution. Rather than throw up their hands at the state of documentation, they need to realize that producing quality documentation is part of their job and saves them time and effort in the long run. For any piece of code that you expect to live more than a few months, the extra cycles you put in documenting that code will not only help others, it will help you maintain that code as well.(为了改变工程文档的质量,工程师和整个工程组织需要接受他们既是问题又是解决方案。他们需要意识到,制作高质量的文档是他们工作的一部分,从长远来看,这可以节省他们的时间和精力,而不是在当前文档状态下束手无策。对于任何一段生命周期超过几个月的代码,记录该代码的额外周期不仅有助于其他人,也有助于维护该代码。)

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